TOBI BORN  guitar


- Born in 1979, started playing the guitar at the age of twelve.

- Started playing in bands with fourteen.

- After finishing school and community service, entered the „professional program“ of 

   FUTURE MUSIC SCHOOL at Aschaffenburg, Germany with major subject guitar.

   Obtained diploma of the FMS in 2003.

- Studio- and live work for numerous artists and bands like among others:



   Thomas Godoj


   Nadine Kraemer Band

   Mo Torres




   Rubber Biscuits

   Analogue Birds 

   Bosstime ( Bruce Springsteen-tribute )


- Released solo-album „Waves“ in 2015, followed by single-releases.

- Composing and production for several  customers, like world health organization, 

   Contract, Cologne.

- Teaching guitar students of all ages in his own studio in Cologne, Germany.

- Giving workshops, inter alia, in Russia, Italy and Iceland.

-Released Solo-EP „Lunar“ in 2020.

-Released singles „Heavy Traffic“ and „Here and Then“ in 2021 and 2022.

- Joined „BROTHERS IN ARMS The authentic dIRE sTRAITS experience“ as their singer and guitarist in 2022.

- Released compilation „2018-2022“ in 2022

- more single releases in 2023: original tracks and the DIRE STRAITS-cover „Iron Hand“


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